EMSA 2014 Points Series

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Final 2014 Results are completed!  You can download the final spreadsheet at the following link.  The following table is the position summary for all 63 skippers that have competed at an EMSA event in 2014.  Please email Jake Kohl if you have any questions.

Detailed Spreadsheet:  2014 EMSA Points Totals_Final


Final 2014 Results:

1 Jake Kohl                            166.0
2 Jack Wise                            158.0
3 Bach/Jordana Wilson                            153.0
5 Mac McCallum                            104.0
4 Rick Harper                            108.2
6 Bill Croughwell                              85.4
7 Philippe Laurent                              84.0
8 Nigel Pitt                              72.0
9 Adam Robinson                              63.4
10 Jason Acosta                              51.8
11 Brad Dailey                              46.0
11 Mike Krantz                              46.0
13 Rob Setili                              45.0
14 Garland Ayscue                              43.0
15 Knox Rodgers                              42.0
16 Brian Carter                              39.0
17 Jeremy Chitwood                              38.0
18 Nick Bostic                              37.4
19 Warren Mitchell                              36.0
19 Loyd Graves                              36.0
21 Andy Humphries                              25.0
21 Bailey White                              25.0
21 Bob Patterson                              25.0
21 Jennifer Lindsay                              25.0
21 Stephen Chobot                              25.0
26 Mark Williams                              24.0
26 Reneau VanLandingham                              24.0
29 Richard Stevens                              23.0
29 Trey Sunderland                              23.0
31 Jeff Meyers                              22.0
31 Mark Van Doren                              22.0
31 Tom Kirkman                              22.0
31 Yan Orjoux                              22.0
35 Claude Summers                              21.0
35 Garrett Dawkins                              21.0
35 Hank Goodman                              21.0
35 Jacob Kelman                              21.0
35 Stephanie DeLair                              21.0
35 Warren Doyle                              21.0
41 Bill Vining                              20.0
41 Clovis Larcerda                              20.0
41 Jeff Glen                              20.0
41 John Suprenant                              20.0
41 John Ward                              20.0
46 Bob Hagler                              19.0
46 Dustin Romney                              19.0
46 Eric Rasmussen                              19.0
49 David Kirles                              18.0
49 Derek Binkley                              18.0
51 Doug Collings                              17.0
51 Joe Sparks                              17.0
53 Richard Gantenbaum                              16.0
54 Billy Cook                              15.0
54 Jose Pascual-Gutierrez                              15.0
54 Walter Everett                              15.0
57 Jim Graves                              14.4
58 Paul Tomlinson                              14.0
28 David Strickland                              23.8
59 Chris                              13.8
60 Barry Stevens                              13.0
60 Jeroen Kiaser-Bots                              13.0
62 Bear Owings                              10.0
63 Evgeni Karelov                                 9.6
63 Carter Lucas                                 9.6



EMSA will run an annual total points series that allows teams to accumulate points for every official EMSA regatta they attend.  This list of regattas scored in this series is listed on the Schedule page of this website but this points series does not include regattas listed under “Other events of Interest”. Points are weighted by finish position and the size of the fleet that you competed in at that event.  For fleets that have 5 or more boats, scores are assigned from 25 points for first place, 24 for second place, 23 for third place and so on.  For fleets less than five boats, the scores are reduced by 20% for each boat less than 5.  For instance, a three boat fleet would be scored at 60% points totals with 15 points for 1st, 14.4 points for second, and 13.8 points for third.  This is a high point scoring system.  Over the course of the season, two of each team’s lowest scores will be “thrown out” and not counted (allowing you to miss up to two regattas without seriously impacting your points totals).

Ties for the top 10 ranked teams will be broken as follows at the conclusion of the season .  Ties for teams from 11th rank and lower will remain officially scored as a tie.

  1. The team that competed in more EMSA points events listed in the points series.  All EMSA points series event attendance, including excluded scores/events, shall be counted toward each team’s total.  The team(s) with the higher total of attended EMSA points series events in the season series wins the tie.
  2. The team with the highest count of higher finishes.  Each team’s race scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point(s) where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favor of the team(s) with the best score(s).  No excluded scores/events shall be used.
  3. The team that raced against the most competitors.  The total size of the fleet each team accumulated points in will be added together across the season.  The team that has the highest total competitors across their scored events wins the tie.  No competitor counts shall be used from excluded scores/events.
  4. Random drawing.  If the first three attempts to break the tie have failed, the sailors names will be put into a “hat” and drawn at random.  The first drawn name assumes the lowest ranked position of the tie and the name drawn last assumes the highest ranked position.

These results will be re-tallied at the conclusion of each event (usually within a week) and the awards will typically be presented at the final event in the series.